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TMJ / TMD Therapy in Red Bank Alleviates Chronic Jaw Pain

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Your temporomandibular joint (also known as the TMJ) is what connects the skull to the lower jaw, allowing for essential, everyday actions like chewing food, speaking, and yawning. Unfortunately, this area and its surrounding muscles can fall victim to injuries, stress, or general strain, resulting in dysfunction and pain. If you are experiencing chronic jaw discomfort, regular migraines, or worn-down teeth, contact Dr. Peter Silver in Red Bank, NJ. We offer effective, holistic therapy techniques for relieving TMJ-related pain without the use of drugs.

TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

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Why does TMJ disorder/TMD happen in the first place? There are several different causes, including a serious facial injury, a misaligned bite, chronic bruxism (teeth grinding), and even the onset of arthritis. If our team notices tell-tale symptoms during regular checkups, Dr. Silver can provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine what exactly is causing harmful symptoms. Once we’ve pinpointed your condition and confirmed that TMJ disorder is the culprit, a variety of different treatments are available.

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

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When misaligned teeth are directly causing TMJ disorder, this technique is likely to be our recommendation. When your bite isn’t in harmony, it can cause an unfair amount of pressure to be exerted in certain areas of the mouth, resulting in sustained pain and reduced function. Dr. Silver will perform a scan of the mouth to diagnose these specific spots and reshape natural teeth as needed (while maintaining as much original structure as possible) to create a more balanced bite. In turn, the TMJ and jaw muscles can gradually relax.

Occlusal Splints

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If you routinely grind your teeth at night, an occlusal splint may be the best solution to relieve TMJ-related pain. This custom-made oral appliance offers patients multiple valuable benefits. Not only does it protect teeth from harmful contact during rest, but it also repositions the jaw into a healthier and more comfortable state. After diligent use, many patients find that their jaw defaults to this new, improved position even without the splint, which is the ideal outcome.

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