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Preventive Dentistry in Red Bank Keeps Your Smile Beautiful and Whole

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Here in Red Bank, Dr. Silver and his team believe in providing high-quality dentistry with a very light touch. That’s why we work so hard to help patients avoid dental problems in the first place through comprehensive checkups, revitalizing cleanings, and other services that are focused on prevention first. By visiting us for two appointments a year, we can catch any potentially harmful concerns in their earliest stages and help your natural smile stay confident for many years to come. If you are interested in visiting a holistic dentist with your best interests at heart, contact us today.

Checkups & Cleanings

Closeup of smile during dental exam

In most cases, we will recommend that you visit for a checkup and cleaning every six months on average. These regular appointments will give our team the chance to diagnose decay and damage very early on in its development, making it much easier for Dr. Silver to provide conservative, minimally invasive treatment that leaves healthy teeth intact. Additionally, professional hygiene will banish cavity-causing plaque and tartar from every last crevice of the mouth, leaving your smile stronger and safer.

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Periodontal Therapy

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is one of the most widespread health problems in the world, as well as the leading cause of adult tooth loss here in the United States. Early intervention is absolutely crucial, as untreated cases can not only rob you of your natural smile, but also contribute to severe systemic health problems like diabetes, strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and more. If our team discovers troubling warning signs during your checkup and cleaning, scaling and root planing can be provided. This in-depth cleaning removes plaque accumulations from around and underneath the gum line, helping the oral tissue heal.

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Nightguards for Grinding & Clenching

Woman being fitted for nightguard

Bruxism occurs when a patient unconsciously grinds or clenches their teeth on a chronic basis, usually at night while asleep. Over time, this “bad habit” can cause harmful symptoms like jaw pain, worn-down dental structure, and even a heightened risk of cracks and fractures. Please let Dr. Silver know if you suspect that you may be suffering from bruxism. He can design a custom-made nightguard that covers the teeth with a protective barrier and helps you rest peacefully until morning.

Oral Cancer Screening

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is responsible for one death every hour on average. This is because so many cases aren’t diagnosed properly until their final, most advanced stages. Here in Red Bank, Dr. Silver strongly recommends that patients undergo at least oral cancer screening every year. He can provide this valuable, potentially life-saving service as a part of regular examinations, reviewing the oral tissue for signs of abnormalities and potentially cancerous cells. The earlier oral cancer is identified, the better chances are that patients can make a safe and successful recovery.

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