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Dental Technologies in Red Bank State-of-the-Art with Dr. Silver

State-of-the-art dental exam room

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving for the better, and Dr. Peter Silver is proud to stay right at the forefront of these important developments for the sake of his patients. Our team’s commitment to using the latest instruments and techniques results in improved comfort, increased efficiency, pinpoint accuracy, and many more benefits, all while still maintaining our holistic, minimally invasive approach. If you’d like to schedule a first appointment with The Jazz Dentist and encounter these modern touches in person, contact our Red Bank, NJ location.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral photos

Intraoral cameras are an invaluable educational instrument that Dr. Silver and our team members regularly use to help patients better understand their own smiles. We will navigate the camera-tipped wand throughout the mouth, capturing high-resolution images of the teeth, gums, and other oral structures. These images are transferred to a monitor in the operatory as a visual aid, allowing us to clearly point out areas of damage, assess the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine, and more.

Digital X-Rays

Dental patient looking at digital x-rays

X-rays are a vital part of quality dentistry because they allow us to view areas of the mouth that aren’t accessible to the naked eye. However, many patients are understandably concerned by the prospect of dangerous radiation exposure. Thankfully, Dr. Silver has invested in digital radiography, which minimizes this exposure by up to 90% when compared to traditional film. Additionally, the images are developed instantly without the need for a darkroom or toxic chemicals and stored digitally in our computer system, which makes them better for the environment as well.

The Wand

The WAND local anesthesia system

Numbing the treatment site with local anesthetic is a necessary part of many dental procedures, but Dr. Silver also understands that many patients fear shots. In order to make the injection process even more stress-free, we use the Wand. With this technology, anesthetic is directly applied to the treatment area before the rest of the local anesthetic is administered, and the computerized flow of the medication is kept to a rate below the pain threshold.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detction wand and system

The development of cavities is a gradual process, and Dr. Silver strives to identify them as soon as possible so that the maximum amount of healthy, natural dental structure can be successfully preserved. With DIAGNOdent, we can scan the tooth enamel comprehensively and detect problematic spots before they’re even visible to the naked eye. If we discover anything concerning, conservative treatment can be implemented early on to halt its progress in its tracks.

Air Abrasion

Man in dental chair giving thumbs up

Instead of relying on a dental drill to eliminate decay from your smile, our holistic dental team utilizes air abrasion for a superior, minimally invasive process. This handpiece emits a strong stream of small particles that bounce off your teeth. Dr. Silver may recommend this technique for preparing teeth for the placement of new fillings, eliminating minor dental staining, and more. 


Relaxed patient using NuCalm system

Many of our patients understandably prefer a drug-free way to achieve relaxation during their dental visits. In this case, NuCalm will be Dr. Silver’s top recommendation. NuCalm utilizes a combination of noise-canceling headphones, gentle vibrations, relaxing music, and an eye mask to help our patients’ brains achieve a level of relaxation that’s similar to early sleep. Your stress response will be minimized as well, and patients won’t need to worry about lingering drowsiness or unpleasant side effects after they’ve left our Red Bank location.

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